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HOT METRO FINDS: The Libertines, Detroit Punk Rock History & Riot Fest 2014 - TED CANTU

Hot Metro Finds: Detroit Is The Birthplace Of Punk Rock - Ted Cantu

Why Detroit Is More Punk Than L.A. And New York Put Together!

Detroit, Michigan – Who is more punk – Los Angeles, or New York?  Does it really matter? I am referring to a ridiculous feud that is going on with the L.A. Weekly and the Village Voice about who is more – “Punk”. Or I should say – “Who Was More Punk” because that whole thing has been put to bed around sometime in 1977. Sure we got alternative bands now with punk-ish like influences but it’s not the same thing as the original punk movement.

The rants get pretty funny with mentions of Jim Morrison from the Doors, (not a punk… but a drunk) who died at the age of 27, to the defense of Lou Reed. We love Lou here at Hot Metro Finds and our articles reflect that but this whole fight thing gets pretty juicy. It also get funny too when I read stuff on my newsfeed how the Village Voice nominated Eddie Van Halen one of the top ten douchiest guitarist of all time. We clearly have a bunch of ill mannered school kids running amok in our Ameican news rooms.
We all suffer for it. Dearly.

Both of these scenes had their moments in the sun. The UK was left out of the equation and that would be, “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” courtesy of the Sex Pistols. Actually the term, “PUNK” came from the UK pop culture revolt in 1976 and was the culmination of unemployment, a garbage strike and other social ills. PR impresario Malcom McLaren was behind the publicity machine that the UK press dubbed, “Punk”. So now it had a name and it now had a face. Journalists at the time swear the movement died the second The Clash signed up with CBS records. As for the Sex Pistols, well they went down in flames in a horrible swirl of drugs, murder and suicide. It’s an interesting tale.

Get more Detroit Punk Rock History Here at Hot Metro Finds

RIOT FEST: The Greatest 3 Day Rock Festival In The World Comes To Chicago

WE CAME AS ROMANS - They will be playing live at RIOT FEST 2014

CHICAGO, IL – Are you ready to say goodbye to the Summer? I’m not. I’m not even close to saying goodbye to these beautiful and pleasant days. In fact, I am in denial that the whole thing is coming to an end because I just got wind of this new polar vortex. I just got through last winter and I can tell you that I am not up for another one of those. So here’s what’s what…. If I have to go through another freakin’ polar vortex --- in Michigan no less – then I am going to get my butt over to Chicago to rock out with some of the greatest bands in musical history.

I have every intention of wearing myself out and overdoing it. I am going to pack in about 50 acts in three days and maybe more. Hey, I might even go to some after hour parties once I get out of the festival. Oh yeah…. The festival, I got so carried away I didn’t even tell you were I was going.
I’m going to Riot Fest 2014 in Chicago. This year it is going to be in Humboldt Park and it is going to have some of the biggest names in Alternative Rock including The Cure, Janes Addiction, Weezer, Gwar, The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Television, The Flaming Lips, NOFX, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Gogol Bordello, The Murder City Devils, The Picture Books and the list just goes on and on. As sure as I’m standing here I am going to get as many acts in as I can.

This year’s Riot Fest is going to happen in three cities including Chicago, Toronto and Denver. The festival has been around since 2005 and it used to be held inside of selected venues but the number of people have grown over time. Now this festival is an outside event only and this year they even added carnival rides.

Here’s  my personal list of bands that I am going to see on this tour……


Log onto Hot Metro Finds to see my entire list of bands.....

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Ted Cantu And Hot Metro Finds Covers Riot Fest In Chicago Humboldt Park

Chicago, IL – Before Labor Day 2014 has even passed department stores are stocking their shelves with Halloween candy and waiting for the end of the summer. That is the way things go in Metro Detroit. Michigan always rushes the next season and then embraces an excessively long holiday season. But its not like that in Chicago, oh no, not even close. The concert promoters know this and Chicago is going to usher out the summer season with a bang with Riot Fest 2014. This festival will be travelling from Denver, Chicago and Toronto.

Detroit based Hot Metro Finds is going to cover this three day event that will feature the biggest names in Alternative Rock music including The Cure, Television, Weezer, Janes Addiction, Gwar, Tegan and Sara, Social Distortion, The Buzzcocks, and more. In addition to the extensive roster Riot Fest has added some after hour shows in various locations in Chicago. This is going to be held in Humboldt Park and will also include a carnival, a food pavilion and places to relax during sets including a mini golf course. Ted Cantu will be covering the shows and featuring details about the set lists and song selections for the performances.
The idea to cover Riot Fest stemmed from pushing the limits on what an online magazine can do and what it can feature. The framework forHot Metro Finds is that it is a full color newsletter with QR codes on it as well as a web site that covers art, entertainment and interesting pop culture articles that other weeklies won’t cover. That has led to a wide range of material such as the anniversary of the late BBC radio host John Peel and the recent Libertines reunion in the UK.

The Riot Fest tour is going to feature some great performances from a lot of alternative rock bands that get little or no airplay including Superchunk, Chumped, the Dandy Warhols, and the Murder City Devils. There will also be some amazing performances from the Flaming Lips with lead front man Wayne Coyne who recently recorded Sgt. Peppers  with Miley Cyrus and Moby.  This type of progressive music festival should happen in Detroit. It would bring in much needed revenue from a generation that has plenty of disposable income and could  bring new focus to Metro Detroit. But since it is not going to be in Metro Detroit the crew from Hot Metro Finds will cover it and bring the experience back home.

About Hot Metro Finds
Hot Metro is a web site that focuses on music and concert reviews, restaurants, business insight and things that are trending. It focuses on the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

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HOT METRO FINDS: THE CULT ON A LOVE MISSION: Saving What’s Left Of Rock And Roll - 2014

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – When I first saw the Cult I thought it was a little bit funny. I think seriously I was the only one who thought this. Front man Ian Astbury looked a bit like Shelly Duvall in Kubricks, “The Shining”. He had this tight black head wrap and his big ears stuck outside of his long scraggly black hair. Then he opened his mouth it was about as big as an alligator. He was screaming about how much he loved the rain…. I could see he was doing some sort of homage to the 60’s and I dug that. I stretched my imagination and got into the vibe and decided to take him seriously. Then in 1986, the big single came out and changed the way we looked at rock bands at that time.

“She Sells Sanctuary” was more than just a college campus hit. The Love album stayed on the alternative charts for months and that song became a dance club staple for years. You could not escape it and it was refreshing against the backdrop of Mister Mister, Styx, and Bruce Springsteen on MTV. This was soul gripping rock and roll and it demanded attention. It demanded your UTMOST attention and it demanded that you take some sort of action. This action could include getting dressed up and hitting the streets and finding some place to go out and create a scene. It wasn’t just the alternative weirdos that dug The Cult but the metal kids for some reason seemed to like them too.

HOT METRO FINDS 2010: Windsor Beauty Supply Stuns Michigan Salon Industry With New Hair Show

Innovative beauty supplier creates 1st Annual Hair Show in S.E. Michigan for salon professionals.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 27, 2010 ) Farmington, MI – The innovative salon products distributor, Windsor Beauty Supply, is throwing the biggest hair show in the salon industry in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This is the first time in the S.E. Michigan area has seen such a show of this type. Windsor Beauty Supply is well known for carrying some of the top names in the salon industry including Alterna, Keratin, OSIS, Bonacure, OPI, and many more. The show is going to take place on September 27, 2010.

“We’re really excited about the show” says online marketer, Ted Cantu, “This is the first hair show of its kind. We are going to promote the video we shoot for it on the web. This is going to reach a new audience and really capture some of the incredible things we do here at Windsor Beauty.”.says Cantu.

Events of this kind have reached a strong following on the web. Salon professionals who cannot attend the event will be able to follow along on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. “Our videos are viral and have the capability of popping up all over the web. A lot of our videos for Alterna and OSIS have reached a phenomenal 47,000 online viewers.

The show is going to feature educators are Mihal Aponte and Michael Shuster, and Donnie Vasey will be doing demonstrations of hair cutting and hair coloring. The show is going to be held at the famous Shenandoah Country club in West Bloomfield, Michigan. There will be limited seating available and reservations are highly recommended. This event has been highly written about on Google and it has attracted some high visibility on Google trends. This will be the event of the 2010 Fall season.

Salon professionals all throughout the S.E. Michigan area will want to be at the Shenandoah Country club to be part of all the amazing festivities. You will want to book this date for your calendar, Monday September 27th, 2010 from 10am to 5pm. For Directions Contact: SHENANDOAH 5600 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323 Call - (248) 683-6363

HOT METRO FINDS - 2014 - Keep Up
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN 2014 - See What You Missed - Metro Detroit, Saint Andrews Hall

THE CULT - On A Love Mission To Save Whats Left Of Rock In Metro Detroit 2014

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Phone: 248-631-9211
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Michigan Tax Talk: Everything You Need To Know About Amended Returns With Markwie Boye and Tracey Vitkay

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Markwei Boye, and Smart Business PLLC is located in Southfield, Michigan.

Michigan Head Office
16250 Northland Drive
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Southfield, MI 48075
Phone: 248.395.3388
Taxes: 888-271-3309